CBSE Affiliation Number 1030153

Spring Valley Public School

CBSE Aff. No. 1030153




Our faculty broadens the learning experience. The highly qualified and trained staff not only implements the curriculum but also breed’s enthusiasm for learning and questioning. Each teacher’s interaction with the students goes beyond the usual facilitator’s areas of parental concern. Teachers are totally involved with the children, in all academic and co-curricular activities. Be it in the sports or debates, teachers take an active interest and maintain rapport with the students. Bringing joy is the main motto of our talented faculty, by making the environment of school like a place called, ‘Home’. Our teachers are dedicated and committed to engage students in the learning process. Our motto of excellence indeed is what we strive to achieve. Knowledge, Peace and enlightenment are the three powerful words, which defines our goal. To achieve excellence, we have a highly qualified faculty, which aims at training the students to develop independent thinking and logics along with problem solving skills. The team of well experienced and extremely qualified staff is recruited under their guidance. Our students shine and reach heights of success through their voyage to become wholesome individuals.


The teachers go through several hours of workshops and training programs to be in sync with the latest developments and standards in their subjects and other levels. The workshops are conducted by all the departments on a regular basis and empower the teachers. Some workshops have themes to focus on effective teaching skills.


The world stretches beyond the boundaries of a textbook. Running parallel to academics is our mission to accomplish holistic education of our students. Planned expeditions and study tours form an integral part of our programs as these intend to break down the set structures created by classroom teaching, exposing our students to a reality outside their limited experience so that they may learn to cope with unexpected circumstances in life.


The curriculum of Senior Wing of the school strives to maintain excellence in academics to enable the students to stand at par in today’s competitive world. The conformity with the CBSE-CCE pattern ensures the holistic development of the students covering scholastic and co-scholastic aspects including Life-Skills, Attitudes and Values, Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education. The prime focus is to bring forth innovation in teaching-learning methodologies by devising student friendly and student centered. In addition to academics, emphasis is laid on innovation, teamwork, athletics, public speaking, behavior etc.


The Morning Assembly adorned by the Special Presentations is an essential part of the school schedule. Each class has its own special day to conduct the assembly with the help of their Class Teacher in the course of the academic year. It helps in exposing each student to both Indian and other world cultures through celebrations of festivals such as Diwali, Christmas, Mahavir Jayanti etc. The assembly is an opportunity for displaying the inexhaustible talent of students. It fosters the spirit of group activity, leadership and value building. It also acknowledges the efforts of the silent learners in the class who are equally participative in organizing the class assembly.